Environmental civics

Woven throughout the SILA project is a special component in Environmental Civics: training in communications, leadership, civic engagement and public service. SILA aims to create a model for civic engagement and outreach as a core competency for research science. PhD students working on the project began this component with a skills course, Science, Narrative and the Greater Good, focused on storytelling for non-science audiences. They will also take a course in leadership training; perform educational outreach in their local community; and weave such public civic engagement into their Greenland research. The P.I.s are equally committed to elevating these skills. Our team’s foray into Environmental Civics has ranged from meeting with a former U.S. Senator and Florida’s Chief Science Advisor on best practices for communicating with lawmakers, to a Greenland book and film club that keeps us grounded in the humanities even as we pursue research science.

Students meet former U.S. Senator Bob Graham and former mayor Pegeen Hanrahan at the UF Bob Graham Center for Public Service

SILA student Quincy Faber participates in the UF program Scientist in Every Florida School

SILA students showing hands on experments with K-12 students.
Students bring Arctic Science to undeserved communities in Gainesville, FL.